Welcome to a new way to monetize your content.

While paid subscriptions are great to have, not every visitor to your website wants to make that kind of commitment. Ads don't generate much revenue, and antagonize viewers (and potential customers) with malware and disruptions to the viewing experience. While not all people who would otherwise read an ad-supported article will pay for it, even if the cost of viewing an article is only a few cents, more revenue will be generated with less expense and an improved product.


Sell your content a la carte

For readers who aren't ready to commit to a subscription, every article or video can be priced individually by you, and adjusted at your discretion. Occasional visitors are more likely to become subscribers from clicking on links to other stories instead of ads that pop up or overlay your articles.

Control the distribution of your product

We don't aggregate or curate content - it stays on your website, where it can attract more visitors. Transact only provides an inexpensive, simple mechanism for those visitors to purchase your news, or podcasts, or videos. Don't give away your product for the promise of a fraction of cheap ad revenue, or let third parties dilute its value. You get to set the value of your news, and manage where it is seen.

Don't rely on advertising for revenue

Ads ruin the reading experience (especially on mobile), and revenue they generate is declining. The Almost Free model of paying small amounts (pennies even!) for access to digital media not only generates more revenue, but greatly enhances the reader experience.

About Transact

Transact.io is a utility for digital media publishers, enabling transactions as small as one cent. We provide software for your CMS that establishes a paywall for each item on your site, either on an a la carte or subscription basis. This software, which allows you to easily set the price for each article and to decide how much of it can be viewed for free, communicates with transact.io servers. Readers have accounts at Transact.io, where they can purchase cents from us that can be used to pay for your content. The price of the article is provided in the summary, and the reader simply clicks on “purchase” to get access to the entire article. We deduct the price of the article from the reader account and credit it to your account (less our commission). Transfer of your revenue to your bank account can be as often as once per week.

We are based in the United States, if you are outside the US please read about our international support.